Taiwan’s Biggest Secret 台灣的最大祕辛

Immigration laws can often be garbled and silly in any country. Nations need borders like homes needs doors. But, doors must open and close so that invited guests and welcomed friends don't need to crawl through windows. Taiwan's unfortunate situation is known only to a few because the problem hides behind its complexity and neither directly nor…

88 Typing Words

Doc on Google Drive | Simple HTML | 88-Word Hanon App | GitHub
Keyboard vectors on Google Drive: PDF | SVG | SVG-TEXT

The Word Hanon 88 typing method  is a perfect place to begin! This app’s typing area disables drag-and-drop, cut, paste, and auto-word-completion so that students can’t cheat! Copy is still enabled so students can keep a record of their progress.

Typing Keyboard Finger Chart(After learning to type with proper fingers, the PinkWrite 99 typing box is an excellent tool for basic typing composition!)

Keyboard is a technique, whether typing or playing piano.

Firstly, practice these using correct fingers:

  1. asdfjkl;
  2. qweruiop
  3. zxcvm,./
  4. asdfghjkl;’
  5. qwertyuiop[]\
  6. zxcvbnm,./
  7. `1234567890-=

Then, practice these 88 words, in order, about 50 times each…

To keep improving typing, do numbers zero through twenty, then colors, then other basic vocabulary, then short sentences. After all that, you can be very good at “sight typing”.
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