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Proper Nouns & Proper Adjectives (Names) – People, Titles, Places, Languages, Countries, Cultures, Ethnicities, Days, Months


Cherry Avenue





Mr. Smith

President Washington




the man

the avenue

the country

the earth

a mister

the president

Titles – Headings, Writings, Music, Pictures, Artwork, Theater Plays, Movies, Collections, Series, Periodicals, Songs, Albums, Charts, Tables, Figures, Subheadings

        1. First and last word
        2. All nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, subordinating conjunctions (so, because, therefore, that, thus)
        3. No prepositions or articles (of, through, a, the)
        4. Important words, including important prepositions (Chicago style)
        5. Words over four letters (Chicago style)

      Chicago style: “The” in a name is always lower-case unless “the” is the first word of a sentence, even if “the” is the first word of the legal name. For example:

      The Pacific Daily Times is a newspaper.

      One newspaper is the Pacific Daily Times.

      First word of a sentence

      This is Joe’s favorite English lesson.

      Greetings & Salutations

      Title Capitalization: First and last word, nouns, verbs, important words, etc.

      Happy Birthday!

      Merry Christmas!

      Dear Mr. Johnson of ABC Corporation,


      Sentence capitalization: first letter

      Sincerely yours,

      Cordially and in kindness,

      With best wishes,


      Digital area labels

      Title Capitalization: First and last word, nouns, verbs, important words, etc.

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      Sentence capitalization: first letter

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      In “Quotes” & After Colon:

      Sentence capitalization, if it is a complete sentence.

      He said, “Bring me my mighty pen now.”

      Over the phone, I only heard, “and we’ll finish soon.” I missed the first part.

      I have one thing to remember: Pay close attention. (complete sentence)

      There are three things to remember: ice cream, love, and lots of paper. (sentence fragment)