111 Casual Sentences

My name is ____.

What’s your name?

Come here.

Go away.

Let’s go!

Quiet, please.

Sit down.

Stand up.

What is this/that?

It/this/that is a(n) ____.

How many [____] are there?

How long is/was it?

How much longer?

Are we there yet?

What do you want?

Which one would you like?

Open your book.

Close your book.

Get your pencil and paper.

Put your stuff away.

Bring your bag.

I am thirsty/hungry.

Turn on/off the computer/light/TV/____.

What time is it?

Wash the dishes.

Where are we/you going?

What will you do tomorrow?

Go to bed.

Wake up.

Do a good job.

All finished!

Where is the remote control?

Where did I put my phone?

That’s awesome!

Let’s eat.

What’s for dessert?

I need to use the bathroom.

I forgot.

What did you say?

I can’t hear.

Turn up/down the volume.

Slow down.

Speed up.

Be careful.

Think about it.

Open/close the door.

I’m doing my homework.

Pay attention.

Don’t waste time.

Stay focused.

Make/meet new friends.

Nice to see you again.

I hate it/this/that!

I love pizza!

We want chocolate.

Please pass the salt and pepper.

Dunk your cookies in milk.

Get ready.

Hang up your coat.

Cross the street.

Don’t interrupt.

No distractions!

Be respectful.

Pray for rain/sunshine.

It’s a full moon tonight.

It’s hot/cold/windy/nice today.

Let’s go outside.

We have/had a field trip at school.

I need to get my hat.

We’re moving to a new house.

She has a new job.

That’s (not) fair.

Tell the truth.

Don’t lie.

He’s a liar!

I can trust them.

Do your work.

Don’t move.

I need to go shopping.

Let’s sing a song.

May I have some more, please?

Don’t make me tell you again.

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

Fold your clothes.

Do the laundry.

Get out of the car.

Get going.

Wait here.

Stop/stop (____ing).

Catch the ball.

Pick it up.

Run with it.

Put on your shoes.

Get dressed.

Take your shoes off at the door.

Go upstairs/downstairs.

Skip the commercials.

Put it in the refrigerator.

Pause it.

Install the  [____] app.

Let’s ride bikes.

I like to skate.

We went swimming.

I packed my lunch.

I got a present for my birthday!

The battery is dead.

Get the door/phone.

Pizza’s here!

Ring the doorbell.

Look both ways first.

Take this to the table.