Why Dot – 6.

From the Read with Dot series
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by Jesse Steele (2017)

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Green highlights words and phrases when they first appear.

Oranges are juicy.

Dot eats juicy oranges.

Dot likes oranges because oranges are healthy.

Apples are delicious.

Dot bites his apple.

Dot enjoys apples because apples are yummy.

Bananas are soft.

Dot peels a yellow banana.

Dot loves bananas because bananas are nutritious.

Carrots are crunchy.

Carrots make eyes strong.

Dot chews his carrot sticks.

Dot knows carrots are good because they help his eyes.

Cucumbers are chewy.

Dot slices cucumbers.

Dot eats cucumbers with Italian oil.

Italian oil has olive oil.

Italian oil also has Parmesan cheese, oregano, and thyme.

Olive oil, Parmesan cheese, oregano, and thyme are delicious together.

Dot also likes to add vinegar.

Dot eats cucumbers with Italian oil and vinegar.

Dot wants cucumbers because cucumbers have healthy water.

Eggs make your muscles strong.

Dot likes to cook his eggs.

Dot likes his eggs cooked many ways.

Dot likes omelets.

Dot likes scrambled eggs.

Dot likes hard boiled eggs and soft boiled eggs.

Dot likes eggs poached and sunny-side up and over-easy.

Dot likes eggs Florentine and eggs Benny.

The best eggs have cream cheese.

Dot has strong muscles because Dot eats eggs.

Nuts help you think.

Nuts help your brain.

Nuts help your brain to think.

Dot eats lots of nuts.

Dot likes walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, macadamia nuts, pecans, cashews, and even peanuts.

Dot eats nuts every day.

Dot has good thinking because Dot eats nuts.

Sometimes, Dot eats dried fruit.

Dot likes raisins, dates, prunes, dried figs, dried papaya, dried cherries, dried cranberries, even dried strawberries, sundried tomatoes, dried kiwi, dried pineapple, and dried apricots!

Did you know, dried apples are also good?

Dried apples are some of Dot’s favorite.

Lettuce has fiber.

Dot eats lettuce in his salad.

Dot eats shredded cheese, nuts, eggs, and Italian oil on his salad.

Dot knows lettuce is important because lettuce and fiber make Dot go poop.

Dot poops on the toilet.

The toilet is in the bathroom.

Dot poops in the toilet in the bathroom.

Dot loves to poop.

Pooping is Dot’s favorite thing to do, maybe.

After pooping, Dot feels comfortable.

Broccoli is healthy.

Dot hates broccoli.

Dot tried broccoli once, but he does not like broccoli.

Dot eats broccoli anyway because he is not the president.

Cheese nachos are scrumptious.

Dot loves scrumptious nachos.

Dot asks his mom for scrumptious nachos.

Dot likes his nachos with jalapeño peppers and ground beef.

Good nachos have cheese.

Nachos are like pizza, but nachos have nacho sauce, not pizza sauce.

Dot wants nachos everyday because Dot likes Mexican food.

But, Dot’s mom won’t let him eat nachos every day because nachos make everyone fat.

Exercise makes you strong.

Dot exercises.

Dot skates and swims for his exercises.

Sometimes Dot plays golf or climbs rocks.

Dot also climbs trees if his dad says okay.

Dot also does push ups, sit ups, and pull ups.

Dot does his exercise three days every week.

Dot is strong and handsome because he exercises.

Dot wants to be tall.

Dot is short because he is young.

When Dot is old, Dot will be tall.

Being tall is good because you can see more.

But, tall people bump their heads, so Dot should be happy while he is short.

Being tall is not always fun.

Being short is also good.

Everyone is important.

Everyone is different.

Everyone is special.

Everyone is unique.

Dot is different and special and unique and important.

Dot folds his clothes.

Dot sharpens his pencil.

Dot does his homework.

Dot cleans his room.

Dot keeps his desk clean, sometimes.

Dot eats chocolate.

Chocolate is dessert.

Dessert is sweet.

Dot likes sweet dessert.

Dot likes to eat dessert, but not too much.

Dot watches TV, but not too much.

Dot plays games, but not too much.

Dot likes to learn.

Dot learns every day.

Dot learns something new every day.

Dot grows every day.

Dot grows taller every day.

Dot helps his friends every day.

Dot talks about happy things.

Dot helps everyone to be happy.

Everyone likes Dot because Dot makes them feel happy.

But, Dot won’t do bad things.

Bad things are fun today, but sad tomorrow.

Dot does not want to be sad.

Sometimes, Dot tells his friends, “No, I do good things.”

Sometimes, Dot’s friends are angry.

But, that’s okay.

Dot does the right thing.

Later, his friends will say, “Thank you, Dot.”