303 Verbs

Verb Spellings

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*Practice Person and Voice. (For Passive Voice, use Perfect sentences and verbs with ‘been’ or Gerund sentences with Perfect verbs.)

Present/Base 3rd Singular Preterite Perfect Gerund
{Passive} Perfect
Let’s__.” …will have
…will be__.”
accept accepts accepted accepted accepting
administer administers administered administered administering
admit admits admitted admitted admitting
affect affects affected affected affecting
allow allows allowed allowed allowing
alter alters altered altered altering
answer answers answered answered answering
apply applies applied applied applying
arise arises arose arisen arising
ask asks asked asked asking
awake awakes awoke awoken awaking
awaken awakens awakened awakened awakening
bake bakes baked baked baking
bathe bathes bathed bathed bathing
battle battles battled battled battling
bear bears bore born; borne bearing
beat beats beat beaten beating
become becomes became become becoming
beg begs begged begged begging
begin begins began begun beginning
bend bends bent bent bending
bind binds bound bound binding
bite bites bit bitten biting
bleed bleeds bled bled bleeding
block blocks blocked blocked blocking
blow blows blew blown blowing
boil boils boiled boiled boiling
borrow borrows borrowed borrowed borrowing
boss bosses bossed bossed bossing
bow bows bowed bowed bowing
break breaks broke broken breaking
breed breeds bred bred breeding
bring brings brought brought bringing
build builds built built building
buy buys bought bought buying
call calls called called calling
calm calms calmed calmed calming
carry carries carried carried carrying
catch catches caught caught catching
censor censors censored censored censoring
certify certifies certified certified certifying
change changes changed changed changing
chase chases chased chased chasing
check checks checked checked checking
choose chooses chose chosen choosing
clean cleans cleaned cleaned cleaning
clear clears cleared cleared clearing
climb climbs climbed climbed climbing
clip clips clipped clipped clipping
close closes closed closed closing
coast costs coasted coasted coasting
collect collects collected collected collecting
come comes came come coming
continue continues continued continued continuing
cook cooks cooked cooked cooking
correct corrects corrected corrected correcting
cost costs cost cost costing
count counts counted counted counting
cover covers covered covered covering
creep creeps creeped; crept creeped; crept creeping
cross crosses crossed crossed crossing
cry cries cried cried crying
cut cuts cut cut cutting
dance dances danced danced dancing
deal deals dealt dealt dealing
delay delays delayed delayed delaying
delete deletes deleted deleted deleting
deliver delivers delivered delivered delivering
deposit deposits deposited deposited depositing
die dies died died dying
dig digs dug dug digging
display displays displayed displayed displaying
draft drafts drafted drafted drafting
draw draws drew drawn drawing
dream dreams dreamed; dreamt dreamed; dreamt dreaming
dress dresses dressed dressed dressing
drink drinks drank drunk drinking
drive drives drove driven driving
dry dries dried dried drying
dwell dwells dwelled; dwelt dwelled; dwelt dwelling
eat eats ate eaten eating
edit edits edited edited editing
employ employs employed employed employing
erase erases erased erased erasing
excite excites excited excited exciting
fall falls fell fallen falling
feed feeds fed fed feeding
feel feels felt felt feeling
fight fights fought fought fighting
fill fills filled filled filling
find finds found found finding
fix fixes fixed fixed fixing
float floats floated floated floating
fly flies flew flown flying
forget forgets forgot forgotten forgetting
forgive forgives forgave forgiven forgiving
freeze freezes froze frozen freezing
fry fries fried fried frying
get gets got got; gotten
give gives gave given giving
go goes went gone going
grab grabs grabbed grabbed grabbing
grow grows grew grown growing
growl growls growled growled growling
hand hands handed handed handing
hang hangs hung hung hanging
happen happens happened happened happening
hear hears heard heard hearing
help helps helped helped helping
hide hides hid hidden hiding
hit hits hit hit hitting
hold holds held held holding
hop hops hopped hopped hopping
hope hopes hoped hoped hoping
howl howls howled howled howling
hug hugs hugged hugged hugging
hunt hunts hunted hunted hunting
hurry hurries hurried hurried hurrying
hurt hurts hurt hurt hurting
ink inks inked inked inking
introduce introduces introduced introduced introducing
invite invites invited invited inviting
join joins joined joined joining
joke jokes joked joked joking
jot jots jotted jotted jotting
journal journals journaled journaled journaling
jump jumps jumped jumped jumping
keep keeps kept kept keeping
kick kicks kicked kicked kicking
kill kills killed killed killing
kiss kisses kissed kissed kissing
kneel kneels knelt knelt kneeling
knock knocks knocked knocked knocking
know knows knew known knowing
label labels labeled labeled labeling
land lands landed landed landing
laugh laughs laughed laughed laughing
lay lays laid laid laying
lead leads led led leading
lean leans leaned; leant leaned; leant leaning
leap leaps leaped; leapt leaped; leapt leaping
learn learns learned; learnt learned; learnt learning
leave leaves left left leaving
lecture lectures lectured lectured lecturing
let lets let let letting
license licenses licensed licensed licensing
lick licks licked licked licking
lie (non-truth) lies lied lied lying
lie (self) lies lay lain lying
lift lifts lifted lifted lifting
light lights lit lit lighting
like likes liked liked liking
listen listens listened listened listening
live live lived lived living
loan; lend loans; lends loaned; lent loaned; lent loaning
log logs logged logged logging
lose loses lost lost losing
love loves loved loved loving
make makes made made making
mark marks marked marked marking
mean means meant meant meaning
measure measures measured measured measuring
meet meets met met meeting
miss misses missed missed missing
misplace misplaces misplaced misplaced misplacing
mistake mistakes mistook mistaken mistaking
mop mops mopped mopped mopping
move moves moved moved moving
occur occurs occurred occurred occurring
oil oils oiled oiled oiling
open opens opened opened opening
paint paints painted painted painting
pass passes passed passed passing
pay pays paid paid paying
pencil pencils penciled penciled penciling
permit permits permitted permitted permitting
pick picks picked picked picking
pilot pilots piloted piloted piloting
pinch pinches pinched pinched pinching
pitch pitches pitched pitched pitching
plan plans planned planned planning
plant plants planted planted planting
play plays played played playing
point points pointed pointed pointing
poke pokes poked poked poking
portray portrays portrayed portrayed portrayed
prophesy prophesies prophesied prophesied prophesying
protect protects protected protected protecting
protest protests protested protested protesting
punch punches punched punched punching
put puts put put putting
qualify qualifies qualified qualified qualifying
quarrel quarrels quarreled quarreled quarreling
question questions questioned questioned questioning
quit quits quit quit quitting
quote quotes quoted quoted quoting
rain rains rained rained raining
raise raises raised raised raising
reach reaches reached reached reaching
read reads read read reading
receive receives received received receiving
reject rejects rejected rejected rejecting
repair repairs repaired repaired repairing
report reports reported reported reporting
ride rides rode ridden riding
ring rings rang rung ringing
rise rises rose risen rising
roar roars roared roared roaring
rob robs robbed robbed robbing
row rows rowed rowed rowing
rub rubs rubbed rubbed rubbing
rule rules ruled ruled ruling
run runs ran run running
sail sails sailed sailed sailing
save saves saved saved saving
say says said said saying
search searches searched searched searching
see sees saw seen seeing
seek seeks sought sought seeking
sell sells sold sold selling
send sends sent sent sending
sense senses sensed sensed sensing
set sets set set setting
shake shakes shook shaken shaking
shine shines shined; shone shined; shone shining
shoot shoots shot shot shooting
show show showed shown showing
shower showers showered showered showering
shrink shrinks shrank shrunken shrinking
shut shut shut shut shutting
sin sins sinned sinned sinning
sing sings sang sung singing
sink sinks sank sunk sinking
sit sits sat sat sitting
skip skips skipped skipped skipping
sleep sleeps slept slept sleeping
slide slides slid slid sliding
smell smells smelled; smelt smelled; smelt smelling
smile smiles smiled smiled smiling
smite smites smote smitten smiting
speak speaks spoke spoken speaking
speed speeds speeded; sped sped speeding
spell spells spelled; spelt spelled; spelt spelling
spend spends spent spent spending
spill spills spilled; spilt spilled; spilt spilling
spit spits spat spat spitting
split splits split split splitting
spoil spoils spoiled; spoilt spoiled; spoilt spoiling
spread spreads spread spread spreading
spy spies spied spied spying
squat squats squatted squatted squatting
stand stands stood stood standing
start starts started started starting
steal steals stole stolen stealing
stick sticks stuck stuck sticking
sting stings struck struck stinging
stop stops stopped stopped stopping
stride strides strode stridden striding
strike strikes stung stung striking
strive strives strove striven striving
study studies studied studied studying
surround surrounds surrounded surrounded surrounding
sweep sweeps swept swept sweeping
swell swells swelled swollen swelling
swim swims swam swum swimming
swing swings swung swung swinging
take takes took taken taking
talk talks talked talked talking
target targets targeted targeted targeting
teach teaches taught taught teaching
tear tears tore torn tearing
tell tells told told telling
think thinks thought thought thinking
throw throws threw thrown throwing
tie ties tied tied tying
tow tows towed towed towing
travel travels traveled traveled traveling
try tries tried tried trying
turn turns turned turned turning
twist twists twisted twisted twisting
understand understands understood understood understanding
upset upsets upset upset upsetting
use uses used used using
usher ushers ushered ushered ushering
view views viewed viewed viewing
visit visits visited visited visiting
wake wakes woke woken waking
waken wakens wakened wakened wakening
want wants wanted wanted wanting
war wars warred warred warring
wash washes washed washed washing
watch watches watched watched watching
wave waves waved waved waving
wear wears wore worn wearing
weave weaves wove woven weaving
weep weeps weeped; wept weeped; wept weeping
weigh weighs weighed weighed weighing
whistle whistles whistled whistled whistling
win wins won won winning
wish wishes wished wished wishing
withdraw withdraws withdrew withdrawn withdrawing
work works worked worked working
write writes wrote written writing