Dotly Dot – 7.

From the Read with Dot series
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by Jesse Steele (2017)

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Turquoise shows adjectives and adverbs with the verbs they modify. It also draws attention to other patterns that work together with adjectives.

Dot types.

Dot types well.

Dot’s typing is good.

Dot has good typing.

Dot is quick.

Dot types quickly.

Dot’s typing is quick.

Dot cooks.

Dot cooks well.

Dot’s cooking is good.

Dot has good cooking.

Dot works quickly.

Dot works well.

Dot’s work is quick and good.

Dot prints.

Printing is easy for Dot.

For Dot, printing is easy.

Dot prints easily.

Dot prints quickly.

Dot prints quickly and easily.

Dot hurries.

Dot is in a hurry.

Dot does hurried work.

Dot works hurriedly.

Dot is hasty.

Dot does hasty work.

Dot works hastily.

Oops! Dot made a mess.

Hasty work makes a mess.

Working hastily makes a mess.

Messy work wastes time.

Haste makes waste.

Dot wasted his time because he worked hastily.

Dot listens.

Dot is reasonable.

Dot listens reasonably.

Dot types reasonably.

Dot cooks reasonably.

Dot prints reasonably.

Dot works reasonably.

Dot’s pace is not fast or slow.

Dot’s pace is reasonable.

Dot listens at a reasonable pace.

Dot types at a reasonable pace.

Dot cooks at a reasonable pace.

Dot prints at a reasonable pace.

Dot works at a reasonable pace.

It is snowing!

How much snow?

What is the amount of snow?

The amount of snow is reasonable.

There is not too much snow.

There is not too little snow.

It snows reasonably.

The snow is quiet.

It snows quietly.

Dot is curious.

Dot watches curiously.

Dot watches curiously while it snows quietly.

The fire is warm.

Dot sits warmly by the fire.

Dot drinks hot chocolate.

Dot drinks carefully.

Dot does not drink his hot chocolate hastily.

Dot enjoys his hot chocolate by the warm fire.

People are outside in the snow.

People are moving quickly.

People are moving hastily.

People are moving busily.

People are busy outside in the snow.

People are busy going here and there.

People are busily going everywhere.

January is snowy.

It snows in January.

Dot rolls in the snow in January.

July is sunny.

The sun shines in July.

Dot plays in the sun in July.

April is breezy.

There is a calm breeze in April.

Dot works on breezy days in April.

October is windy.

There is a strong wind in October.

Dot wears his jacket on windy days in October.

Sometimes it rains.

Some days are rainy.

Dot likes the rain.

But, Dot doesn’t like to go outside in the rain unless he can play.

Dot gets wet if he goes out in the rain.

Dot gets wet and his bag gets wet and his hat gets wet if he goes outside on a rainy day.

Dot walks slowly on rainy days.

Dot walks quickly on windy days.

Dot jumps gleefully on breezy days.

Dot swims playfully on sunny days.

Dot bundles warmly on snowy days.

On rainy days, Dot likes to stay inside or play in the rain.

On windy days, Dot likes to sail a boat.

On breezy days, Dot likes to run and jump outside in the breeze.

On sunny days, Dot likes to swim and ride outside in the sun.

On snowy days, Dot likes to throw snowballs and build a snowman.

Dot’s mother is kind.

Dot’s mother smiles kindly.

Dot’s grandmother is happy.

Dot’s grandmother speaks happily.

Dot’s mother and grandmother look at him kindly and happily.

“Today, it is breezy! Let’s go outside, Dot!”

Dot goes outside in the breezy day.

Dot plays outside in the afternoon.

Dot runs in the park in the breezy afternoon.

Dot gets hungry after playing.

“Have some food, Dot!”

Dot has some food.

Dot eats quickly and happily.

Dot likes to eat after playing.

Dot eats his food outside in the breezy afternoon.

Dot likes what he is eating.

Dot likes where he is playing.

Dot likes days when it is breezy.

What is Dot eating?

Hotdogs—that is what Dot is eating.

Where is Dot playing?

In the park—that is where Dot is playing.

When does Dot like to play outside?

When it’s a breezy day—that’s when Dot likes to play outside.

What game does Dot play outside?

Skating and climbing—that’s what Dot likes to play outside.

Who does Dot love?

His mother and grandmother—that’s who Dot loves.

Does Dot love his father?

Yes, Dot loves his father greatly.

Does Dot like hotdogs?

Yes, Dot likes hotdogs gladly.

Does Dot like strong wind?

Yes, Dot likes strong wind.

In strong wind, Dot can sail fast.

But, the wind is not strong frequently.

A strong, windy day is not frequent.

Frequently, Dot goes outside.

Dot goes outside frequently.

Dot plays outside frequently, so Dot is strong and healthy.

Playing is healthy.

Playing makes Dot strong.

Dot wants to be strong and healthy.

If the weather is good, Dot will go outside and play, so Dot will be strong, happy, and healthy.