Resource Links

Just So Stories | Rudyard Kipling

Published in 1902, Rudyard Kipling wrote timeless children’s stories. Kipling uses simple yet classic and timeless English, demonstrating the basics for much Western humor and English sayings.

Hans Christian Andersen | Giliad

A collection of authentic stories from HC Andersen, including much original artwork, on Giliad’s memorial website.

52 Bible .com

Daily and weekly dose of Bible. The entire Bible in 52 stories, Jesus in 12 chapters, and more being added all the time.

Pacific Daily Times | Editorials

Published every Monday, audio via YouTube. Listen and read along with a Pacific perspective on both East Asian and American current events in the style of newspaper journalism.

The Point | 100 Words Weekly

Blog & podcast (blogcast) with 100 encouraging, challenging, and uplifting words every Monday. Listen and read along.

Project Gutenberg (free ebooks)

Lots and lots and lots of free ebooks.

Ink Is A Verb | Open Source Living

Tutorials, videos, and open source software tools for Ubuntu and many other tools that make it easy to learn and work with multimedia, art, language, design, coding, and almost anything you can imagine.

Voice Tube

Read along with YouTube videos using great tools for CC text.

About Lorem Ipsum

The original Lorem Ipsum text, plus a similar text, with history of origins and why we use it.

Google Translate (Android)

Google Translate Chrome Extension

This works great with the Chrome browser, to translate a single word or an entire page.

Mandarin Tools