Read with Dot

A Reading Series for English Beginners & Novices, Young & Old, Native & ESL

Read with Dot 01
Starting Phonics
Book 1
ISBN 9781719906418
Read with Dot 02
Dot Dot
Book 2
ISBN 9781719901932
Read with Dot 03
See Dot
Book 3
ISBN 9781719949934
Read with Dot 04
See Dots
Book 4
ISBN 9781719950060
Read with Dot 05
Dot and Una
Book 5
ISBN 9781719950268
Read with Dot 06
Why Dot
Book 6
ISBN 9781719950343
Read with Dot 07
Dotly Dot
Book 7
ISBN 9781719950428
Read with Dot 08
Dot by Dot
Book 8
ISBN 9781719950497
Read with Dot 09
Go Dot
Book 9
ISBN 9781719950657
Read with Dot
Read with Dot
The Complete Series
ISBN 9781719981156

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By using colored text rather than illustrations or explanations, “Read with Dot” puts the focus on words themselves, leaving room for the reader’s imagination and isolating reading ability specifically. Whether at home or school, “Read with Dot” is a perfect companion to help readers quickly and clearly establish a firm footing on the basic concepts of the English language: sounds, words, and patterns. Because of this method’s simplicity, young students can gain an advantage before their expected reading level or catch up if classroom English teaching is too big of a challenge.

Starting with a strong foundation in phonics, the “Read with Dot” series takes beginning English readers of any age through the most basic level of reading, up through vocabulary and sentence formation. Each of the nine books in this series has different colored text, emphasizing aspects of English demonstrated at each level.

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