Starting Phonics – 1.

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Phonic Sense
Short & Long Vowel Words
Word Groups
Combining Sounds: g, h, w, y, r, l, s, t, qu-, -ng, -nk
Other Rules
th – th
Odd Spellings
International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

Phonic Sense

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These draw attention to certain vowels and letter combinations before they are covered by listed rules. The first section is for phonetic sounds, the second is for syllable count. The aim is to build familiarity to make the rules easier to learn. Writing is vital in recognizing the letters. Each sentence should be written and recited from memory, with memory jogs and prompting.

Teaching tip: Start memorizing and writing these after finishing the ‘Basic’ Print Letters a-z in the Handwriting curriculum. For use at home before kindergarten, post and read/write daily, a new line each week.

An egg is odd upon an amp.

Be by me, my shy shoe fly.

Go so slow you too moo to the zoo.

Try to fly dry, but don’t dare you cry.

Yell at the bell to sell a bill by the sill.

Mull a dull poll to roll by the troll.

Rain won’t paint straight on a gate.

Beige veils teach clean jeans to bleach.

Deep sheep teeth meet and then sweep.

Leisure is neither weirder nor seizure.

Quick jump kick start gucky quirky jelly.

Jack lacks lion lillies and vanilla violets.

Zig zag zip zap zax rax lax.

Fries lie tied to the pie.

Fruit juice suits bruises and cruises.

Cheesy chicken chase shellfish in the kitchen.

Stop the stink,” the Britts told the brats.

The skunk king drank until his skin stank pink.

The sinking swan thinks to wink,
but swim, swam, swum, until it sunk.

Watch Walter wash the watermelon walker.

Call a fall to stall the ball.

Far cars bar par.

Bears care fair for their pears.

Her sir purred, “Hire the buyer, sire.”

Pure cures surely endure.

Coy Roy Boy toiled the royals to boil the coil.

Could you? Should you? Would you?

Could a roofer cook soot shook from the brook?

Youth groups toured and couped soup.

Spoons soon fool school in the moon pool.

Shout out your snout.

Icy cycles center city circles.

Giant ginger imagines huge gymnasiums.

Arouse and rouse the spouse grouse.

Dawn taught the lawn and fraught naught.

How sows bow now to the cows.

Knights wait straight by night.

Row low to show what you know.

Due dew blew true blue hues.

Stay all day to play in the rays.

A lucky baby eats yummy honey.

The fox trots tricks on the rocks.

Throw dough through the slough.

A conscious musician envisions decision.

Social nations hold impartial discussions.

An exceptional spectical expects September to be hectical.

Syllable Clap-Along

Count each syllable.

One, two, three, four, five, six

Seven double couple trouble bubble.

Eight, nine, ten…

Eleven, syllables anymore anyhow amazing everywhere!

Twelve, join me in this fun count game.

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen…

Seventeen, there are three, all over, all again.

Eighteen, nineteen, twenty.

Numbers, bumblers, humming hummers.

Thinking, counting, clapping, quickly jiffy, sappy slapping!

Heavenly, friendlily, happily, gratefully, splendidly; count all three!

Twenty-one, thirty-three, forty-four, fifty-five, sixty-six

Seventy-one, forty-seven, macaroni, ravioli, rigatoni, mostaccioli.

Eighty-eight, ninety-nine!

Count to five, many syllables.

Cosmopolitan, communication, intimidation, appreciation, congratulations, electricity, similarity, opportunity, possibility, university!

Will six syllables do?

Encyclopedia, autobiography, accelerometer, hyperacidity, memorabilia.

Count them through and know them true!

Syllables are here for you!


YouTube | Doc on Google Drive | Simple HTML | Utah govt’s ‘Vowel Combinations’

Short IPA IPA Long (includes)
a æ ae aigh
-ay a_e
e ɛ i ee ea
i ɪ ie eigh
ai -y i_e
o ɑ oe ough oa -ow o_e
u ʌ / ʊ u / ju ue ough ui
-ew u_e
Hard IPA IPA Back
ar ɑɹ ɔ aw augh
au wa al
er ər / ɚ / ɝ ow ough ou
ir ər / ɚ / ɝ ʊ ou oo
or ɔər / ər ɔɪ oi -oy
ur ʊər / ər

Short & Long Vowel Words

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Teaching tip: After becoming familiar with these, and after writing the Basic printed alphabet, connect phonics and writing using the 24-line phonics writing sheet.



Short Long
mat mate
met mete
mit mite
mot mote
mut mute
bat bait
bet beat
bit bite
bot boat
but bute
hat hate
het heat
hit height
hot hote
hut hoot
pat Pate
pet Pete
pit pight
pot pote
putt poot
put (ʊ)
rat rate
ret rete
rit rite
rot rote
rut rute
rad raid
red reed
rid ride
rod rode
rud rude
ban bane
Ben bean
bin bine
bon bone
bun boon
lack lake
leck leak
lick like
lock loke
luck Luke
look (ʊ)
Mack make
meck meek
Mick Mike
mock moke
muck muke
tack take
tech teak
tick tyke
tock toke
tuck tuke
took (ʊ)
back bake
beck beak
bick bike
bock boke
buck buke
book (ʊ)
rack rake
wreck wreak
rick rike
rock roke
ruck ruke
rook (ʊ)
lap lape
lep leap
lip lipe
lop lope
lup lupe
tap tape
tep tepe
tip type
top tope
tup toop
sap sape
sep seep
sip sipe
sop soap
sup soup
gnat Nate
net neat
knit night
knot note
nut Newt
cat Kate
ket keet
kit kite
cot coat
cut cute
caught (ɔ)
sat sate
set seat
sit sight
sot sote
sut suit
sought (ɔ)
soot (ʊ)
Single-letter Double-letter
Short Long Short Long
tap tape tapping taping
met mete metting meting
sit site sitting siting
hop hope hopping hoping
mop mope mopping moping
dot dote dotting doting
run rune running runing

Word Groups

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am an at amp and ant
ed egg ex if in it
odd off on um up us
be he me she we ye
by hi my shy why ay
bo go lo no so yo
boo goo loo moo too zoo


cly fly ply sly vly
cry fry pry try dry
bell cell hell sell yell
bill gill kill mill sill
doll poll roll toll troll
cull dull lull mull null


aid bait gait paint rain
beige veil vein feign rein
each meat jeans reach teach
deep meet teeth sheep weep
seize weird either neither leisure
die pie lie tie fries
boat coat goat soap loan
fruit juice suit cruise bruise


-a wa al -r ha ma pa ta
(wɔ) watch water wash want
(ɔl) call ball fall Paul
(ɑɹ) car bar far par
(er) care bear fair pear
(ər) her burr sir purr
(aɪəɹ) hire buyer sire pyre
(ɔɹ) core boar soar pour
(ʊəɹ) cure dure sure pure


oy /oi (ɔɪ)
Roy boy coy toy oy
royal boil coil toil oil
ou / oo (ʊ) could would should roof hoof
look snook hook shook crook
rook cook brook foot soot
ou / oo (u) soup coupe group youth tour
spoon soon moon loon coon
spool cool pool school fool
-ou- (aʊ) out rout pout about spout
shout snout clout south sprout
house mouse douse grouse spouse
house rouse arouse carouse espouse
aw / augh (ɔ) saw claw lawn dawn spawn
taught straught fraught naught daughter
-ow (aʊ) cow bow how sow now
-ow (oʊ) blow bow show sow know
-ew (u) blew dew hew new knew
-ue (u) blue due hue glue true
-y / -ey (i) happy lucky baby honey money
-ay (eɪ) play day way ray stay
-ax ax tax wax max lax
fax pax sax rax zax
-ex- lex vex next exit excess
-ix- six mix fix helix pixel
-ox- ox box fox epoxy oxygen
-ux- lux tux flux crux deluxe
-cks kicks bucks locks backs rocks
-bs bibs ribs cribs cubs tubs
-ds bids reds lids duds tids
-gs bigs digs rigs rags tags
-ps bops caps lips whips pups
-ts bits cats mits nuts rats
-ms/ls moms dims lulls mulls
-ns/ys nans cans yays days
-ves lives hives chives arrives delves
-ths lathes widths bathes paths tithes
-f/th/s fifths twelfths myths youths riffs


quaigh straight weigh weight sleigh
high height slight night knight
though although thorough
dough doughnut
(u) through breakthrough slough
(ɔ) ought bought brought
fought sought wrought
nought dreadnought thought
(aʊ) drought plough bough
(ʌf) enough rough tough
(ɔf) cough trough
(ʌp) hiccough (hiccup)


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voiceless voiced voiceless voiced
Stops Double Stops
p b pp bb
t d tt dd
c, k g ck gg
Fricatives   Double Fricatives
s z ss zz
f v ff
θ ð th th
ʃ (t: -tio-) ʒ (j, s: -sio-) sh
Liquids & Nasals   Double Liquids & Nasals
l ll
r rr
m mm
n nn
ŋ ng

Usually, the purpose of doubling these consonants is to clarify that the vowel before is short.

Stops have two sounds, one when before a vowel, one after the vowel—a “stop” and a “start” version. Doubling a stop in a spelling usually indicates pronouncing both the “stop” and “start” sounds. Examples are: bubble, daddy, wiggle, happy, little, and chicken.

For non-native speakers…

Practice stops by sandwiching them between vowels and repeating them as an exercise. For example with “b”: bababababababa. Do this with all Stops.

Practice “l”, “th”, and all “l” combinations by sticking your tongue out, relaxed, the entire time. Practice “bl”, “fl”, “pl”, etc. by sticking your tongue out the entire time, even spitting like a baby would.

If “l” is a problem, which it can be for some far eastern speakers, practice “l” by putting the tip of your tongue behind your lower front teeth and pronouncing it with the middle of your tongue against your top front teeth.

Combining Sounds:
g, h, w, y, r, l, s, t, qu-, -ng, -nk

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(practice words, may not be real words)

-ang -ing -ong -ung -ank -ink -onk -unk
g- gang ging gong gung gank gink gonk gunk
h- hang hing hong hung hank hink honk hunk
t- tang ting tong tung tank tink tonk tunk
y- yang ying yong yung yank yink yonk yunk
qu- quang quing quong quung quank quink quonk quunk
br- brang bring brong brung brank brink bronk brunk
cr- crang cring crong crung crank crink cronk crunk
dr- drang dring drong drung drank drink dronk drunk
fr- frang fring frong frung frank frink fronk frunk
gr- grang gring grong grung grank grink gronk grunk
pr- prang pring prong prung prank prink pronk prunk
tr- trang tring trong trung trank trink tronk trunk
bl- blang bling blong blung blank blink blonk blunk
cl- clang cling clong clung clank clink clonk clunk
fl- flang fling flong flung flank flink flonk flunk
gl- glang gling glong glung glank glink glonk glunk
pl- plang pling plong plung plank plink plonk plunk
sl- slang sling slong slung slank slink slonk slunk
sp- spang sping spong spung spank spink sponk spunk
spr- sprang spring sprong sprung sprank sprink spronk sprunk
st- stang sting stong stung stank stink stonk stunk
str- strang string strong strung strank strink stronk strunk
sk- skang sking skong skung skank skink skonk skunk
scr- scrang scring scrong scrung scrank scrink scronk scrunk

Other Rules

YouTube | YouTube (Overview) | Doc on Google Drive | Simple HTML

(soft C) “s”
ce ice succeed piece cease certain
ci city cite cinema recite cinder
cy icy cycle mercy cyclone fancy
(soft G) “j”
ge forge bulge charge cage huge
gi giant gist imagine ginger magic
gy Egypt edgy gym energy gypsy
-ange- angel change mange range strange
-aste baste haste paste taste waste
-bl wobble table fable stable marble
-gl wiggle giggle juggle jungle tangle
-dl doodle noodle poodle puddle muddle
-pl apple maple staple people couple
-ckl cackle tickle pickle trickle chuckle
-tl cattle brittle bottle rattle kettle
-fl baffle waffle muffle truffle stifle
-stl = sl
thistle whistle castle hustle bristle
sm- smoke smite smooth smack smart
sn- snack sneak snap snail snake
sw- swag swim swipe switch swap
schw- schwartz schwab schwan schwitz schwaz
qu- quack quake quite quiet quick
tw- twang twas tweak twice twitch
-cious conscious precious gracious delicious vivacious
-cian politician musician magician tactician beautician
-cial artificial commercial facial social beneficial
-tial essential initial partial spatial potential
-tion nation solution affection option fiction
-tious nutritious fictitious infectious cautious repetitious
-ssion (ʃ)
discussion expression commission impression session
-sion (ʒ)
vision decision occasion conclusion provision
sh shoot shake crash fish wash
ch chocolate chicken each march such
-tch- = ch catch match latch witch ketchup
-dge = j judge ledge bridge hedge badge
-ture (chur) mature fracture capture lecture rapture
creature texture posture mixture picture
sculpture culture fixture vulture moisture
future structure puncture feature nature
-que = k clique technique pique opaque torque
-eo- = ??
chameleon dungeon luncheon pigeon surgeon
people theory leopard Geoffrey yeoman
-eu- = ue
euphoria Eugene deuce feud pseudo
neutron therapeutic euphemism Pentateuch Zeus
-mb = m lamb comb climb tomb bomb
-mn = m autumn column solemn hymn damn
kn- = n know knight knee knock knob
gn = n gnat gnaw gnarl gnash gnostic
align arraign benign foreign design
silent -h- hour honor honest homage aghast
ghost ghetto gherkin ghastly exhibit
rhythm rhyme rhinoceros rhubarb exhaust
bt = t subtle debt indebted doubt doubtful
wr- = r write wrong wring wrap wreath
sc- = s science scissors scene crescent ascend
pn- = n pneuma pneumonia pneumonic pneumatic pneumatology
ps- = s psychology psalm psalter pseudonym psychiatry
pt- = t pterodactyl pteranodon ptarmigan ptosis pteropod
ch = k ache echo chorus school stomach
chaos chemist orchid scheme mechanic
technology architect anchor monarch orchestra
f- k- p- s- x- sh- +
-ed = “t”
scoffed walked shopped hissed boxed
-s -es = “z” dogs slabs moms dads zones
-fs -ks -ps -ts = “s” gaffs laughs tacks taps lights
-kes -pes -tes = “s” takes wipes likes bites writes

Pronounce “th” correctly!

Trump teaches to say “th” correctly in this photograph.

th – th

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θ — voiceless YouTube ð — voiced YouTube
thorn third this they
thin fourth that their
thirsty fifth these them
thief sixth those thy
theater seventh there thee
thaw eighth than thou
thing ninth then thine
thank tenth themselves thyself
thick eleventh
therapy twelfth other clothing
thrive thirteenth another clothe
think thirteen brother breathing
math thirty mother breathe
thousand thirtieth father teethe
feather loathe
booth path leather bathe
bath python tether soothe
teeth truth either smooth
youth something rather seethe
north panther gather scathe
south marathon weather worthy
both thermos
oath thunder though the
strength thread thenceforth therein
broth month thereabout thereby
wreath breath thereafter thereof
thigh through thereupon thereon
thumb thought thereunder thereto
mouth earth therefore therewith

Odd Spellings

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to by their
too buy there
two bye they’re
were here where
be hi one
bee high won
lieutenant Yosemite albeit been
colonel corps niche sugar
said queue facade ocean
aisle isle island quay
hors d’ oeuvres caveat mishap tortoise
read recipe awry guard
was debris epitome listen
of have elite christen
great Greenwich paradigm woman
laugh bologna choir women
love come kind breath
dove some hind dread
move done mind bread
child does find half
mild comb wind calf
wild tomb bind behalf
olive affirmative pejorative aggressive
live correlative missive laxative
give offensive expensive expressive
cursive adjective explosive derivative
creative sensitive conclusive demonstrative

International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

YouTube | Doc on Google Drive | Simple HTML | Wiki | IPA Chart for American English

æ ɛ ɪ ɔ ʊ ə ʔ p b
ɑ e i o u ʌ t d
ju k ɡ
ɔɪ ər
ɚ t͡ʃ d͡ʒ
s z
l f v
m j ʃ ʒ
n r θ ð
ŋ w hw h