Word Groups

am an at amp and ant
ed egg ex if in it
odd off on um up us

be he me she we ye
by hi my shy why ay
bo go lo no so yo
boo goo loo moo too zoo

cly fly ply sly vly
cry fry pry try dry

bell cell hell sell yell
bill gill kill mill sill
doll poll roll toll troll
cull dull lull mull null

aid bait gait paint rain
beige veil vein feign rein
each meat jeans reach teach
deep meet teeth sheep weep
seize weird either neither leisure
die pie lie tie fries
boat coat goat soap loan
fruit juice suit cruise bruise

-a wa al -r ha ma pa ta
(wɔ) watch water wash want
(ɔl) call ball fall Paul
(ɑɹ) car bar far par
(er) care bear fair pear
(ər) her burr sir purr
(aɪəɹ) hire buyer sire pyre
(ɔɹ) core boar soar pour
(ʊəɹ) cure dure sure pure

oy /oi (ɔɪ) Roy boy coy toy oy
royal boil coil toil oil
ou / oo (ʊ) could would should roof hoof
look snook hook shook crook
rook cook brook foot soot
ou / oo (u) soup coupe group youth tour
spoon soon moon loon coon
spool cool pool school fool
-ou- (oʊ) out rout pout about spout
shout snout clout south sprout
house mouse douse grouse spouse
house rouse arouse carouse espouse
aw / augh (ɔ) saw claw lawn dawn spawn
taught straught fraught naught daughter
-ow (aʊ) cow bow how sow now
-ow (oʊ) blow bow show sow know
-ew (u) blew dew hew new knew
-ue (u) blue due hue glue true
-y / -ey (i) happy lucky baby honey money
-ay (eɪ) play day way ray stay
-ax ax tax wax max lax
fax pax sax rax zax
-ex- lex vex next exit excess
-ix- six mix fix helix pixel
-ox- ox box fox epoxy oxygen
-ux- lux tux flux crux deluxe
-cks kicks bucks locks backs rocks
-bs bibs ribs cribs cubs tubs
-ds bids reds lids duds tids
-gs bigs digs rigs rags tags
-ps bops caps lips whips pups
-ts bits cats mits nuts rats
-ms/ls moms dims lulls mulls
-ns/ys nans cans yays days
-ves lives hives chives arrives delves
-ths lathes widths bathes paths tithes
-f/th/s fifths twelfths myths youths riffs

quaigh straight weigh weight sleigh
high height slight night knight

(oʊ) though although thorough
dough doughnut
(u) through breakthrough slough
(ɔ) ought bought brought
fought sought wrought
vought dreadnought thought
(aʊ) drought plough bough
(ʌf) enough rough tough
(ɔf) cough trough
(ʌp) hiccough (hiccup)