th — th

θ — voiceless ð — voiced
thorn third this they
thin fourth that their
thirsty fifth these them
thief sixth those thy
theater seventh there thee
thaw eighth than thou
thing ninth then thine
thank tenth themselves thyself
thick eleventh
therapy twelfth another other
thrive thirteenth father scathe
think thirteen mother breathe
math thirty brother seethe
weather teethe
thousand thirtieth feather loathe
booth path leather gather
bath python tether either
teeth truth worthy rather
youth something bathe another
north panther clothe soothe
south marathon clothing smooth
both thermos
oath thunder thereabout the
strength thread thereafter therein
broth month thereunder thereby
wreath breath thereupon thereof
thigh through thenceforth thereon
thumb thought though thereto
mouth earth therefore therewith