Letter to ‘Lundenary’


The following singular letter has been received at our post
office, via Liverpool, and is superscribed “The
Honbl.[Honourable?] Post-master, County Town of Londonderry,
Ireland.” Perhaps some of our rustic genealogists will be
able to throw light on the subject of it :-
“July the 9th 1833 to the bon excelency [excellency?] post
master in Ireland Lundendary [Londonderry?] sir my father was
a solger [soldier?] under his mageasty [majesty?] georg
[george?] the king in the ould [old?] french war and my
father was taken prisner [prisoner?] by the indians and
french sixteen taken prisner [prisoner?] wen [when?] my
father was and all tamehoet [tomahawked?] and sculpt
[scalped?] saive [save?] my father onley [only?] and was a
prisner [prisoner?] for six yeares [years?] and made his
escape from them to new jersy state [New Jersey?] sussex
county and theare [there?] maried [married?] to Catherine
M’gregory the dauter[daughter?] of edwart [Edward?] M’gregory
and that James M’Lellon my father dyed [died?] wen [when?] I
was thirteen yeares [years?] of age: a few yeares [years?]
ago a cosen [cousin?] of mine staited [stated?] to me that
theare [there?] was left to my father by my grand father in
Ireland that tere [there?] was left sevin [seven?] hundred
ahd [and?] fifty pounds sterleng [sterling?] wich [which?]
was redy [ready?] at any time for me wen [when?] send [sent?]
for! but john M’Cue came presint [present?] wold [would?] not
tell wear [where?] or wat [what?] my grand fathers name ware
[were?was?] or wat [what?] county he came from nor sufer
[suffer?] his wife to tell me any thing but by the best
account I can git [get?] my grand father were was Moses
M’Lellon the county of Lundendary [Londonderry?] in the
parish of mahhenarm [?] the parish books will corect
[correct?] all I imploied [employed?] one Edward fetcher to
bring the money from Ireland all the sadisfaction
[satisfaction?] he would give me was swearing by —- that
he sent a letter to the recorder of all the wils [wills?] in
the county of lundenary [Londonderry?] also sent a letter to
his agint [agent?] with a deposition inclosed [enclosed?] in
a letter the proof of my are ship all so stop all prsedings
[proceedings?] for me sir thou the dificultys [difficulties?]
I laber [labour?] under I will give you one half of all
please send an answer wats [whats?] the luck or not.
“Moses M’Lellon. “direct your
letters to washington county ohio helpte
township little hook hocking post offis [office?]
(D-rry ur “Moses M’Lellon.

Source: Irish Emigration Database