Question Answer
Who is Joan? This is she. / I am she.
Where is Joe? This is he. / I am he.
Where are your leaders? These/We are they.
WHO / WHOM S. - O.
Whom do you seek? I seek Joe/him.
Who seeks you? Joe/He seeks me.
Whom did you see? I saw Joan/her.
Who saw you? Joan/She saw me.
Whom did you mention? I mentioned Joe/him.
Who mentioned you? Joe/He mentioned me.
Whom did you meet with? I met with Joan/her.
Who met with you? Joan/She met with me.
Whom did you call? I called Joe/him.
Who called you? Joe/He called me.
To whom did you write? I wrote to Joan/her.
Who wrote to you? Joan/She wrote to me.
How are you? I am (doing) well/badly.
How are they? They are (doing) well/badly.
How is he/she/it/Joe? He/She/It/Joe is (doing) well/badly.
How did you do? I did well/badly.
How did they do? They did well/badly.
How did he/she/it/Joe do? He/She/It/Joe did badly.